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Release Notes


Patch Changes


Patch Changes


Patch Changes


Major Changes

  • #846 (opens in a new tab) 82154c3 (opens in a new tab) Thanks @danez (opens in a new tab)! - getTypeFromReactComponent now returns an array of paths to types instead of just one. This can appear when multiple type definitions are found for a component, for example:

    const Component: React.FC<Props> = (props: { some: string }) => {};

    In this example both the Props definition as well as { some: string } are now found and used.

    Here is a simple diff to illustrate the change when using getTypeFromReactComponent:

    const type = getTypeFromReactComponent(path)
    -if (type) {
    +if (type.length > 0) {
        // do smth
  • #848 (opens in a new tab) dda8915 (opens in a new tab) Thanks @danez (opens in a new tab)! - Drop support for Node.js version 14.

    The minimum supported version is now 16.14.0

  • #846 (opens in a new tab) 62e692f (opens in a new tab) Thanks @danez (opens in a new tab)! - resolveToValue will not resolve to ImportDeclaration anymore but instead to one of the possible specifiers (ImportSpecifier, ImportDefaultSpecifier or ImportNamespaceSpecifier). This gives better understanding to which specifier exactly resolveToValue did resolve a NodePath to.

    Here is a possible easy fix for this in a code snippet that uses resolveToValue

    const resolved = resolveToValue(path);
    -if (resolved.isImportDeclaration()) {
    +if (resolved.parentPath?.isImportDeclaration()) {
        // do smth

Minor Changes

Patch Changes


Patch Changes


Patch Changes


Patch Changes


Patch Changes


Major Changes

Minor Changes

Patch Changes


Patch Changes


Patch Changes


Major Changes

Minor Changes

Patch Changes


Major Changes

  • dfc2f85: Rename propDocBlockHandler to propDocblockHandler for consistency

Patch Changes

  • cc94da2: Fix using react-docgen in browsers
  • 98a1138: Add displayName and description to Documentation type


Major Changes

  • d7a39af: Refactored resolveComponentDefinition utility.

    • Renamed to findComponentDefinition
    • Removed named export isComponentDefinition
    • The utility now does a lot more than previously, check out the commit to see the changes in detail.
  • e956802: Remove match utility.

    The utility can be replaced by babel helpers and is not needed anymore. Also using explicit checks like path.isMemberExpression() is better for type safety and catching potential bugs.

  • 5215bab: Removed support for the @extends React.Component annotation on react class components.

    Instead you can use the new @component annotation.

  • 80e4c74: Renamed and migrated built-in resolvers to classes.

    • findAllComponentDefinitions was renamed to FindAllDefinitionsResolver and is now a class.

      -const resolver = builtinResolvers.findAllComponentDefinitions
      +const resolver = new builtinResolvers.FindAllDefinitionsResolver()
    • findAllExportedComponentDefinitions was renamed to FindExportedDefinitionsResolver and is now a class.

      -const resolver = builtinResolvers.findAllExportedComponentDefinitions
      +const resolver = new builtinResolvers.FindExportedDefinitionsResolver()
    • findExportedComponentDefinition was removed. Use FindExportedDefinitionsResolver with the limit option instead.

      This is still the default resolver.

      -const resolver = builtinResolvers.findExportedComponentDefinition
      +const resolver = new builtinResolvers.FindExportedDefinitionsResolver({ limit: 1 })

Minor Changes

  • 80e4c74: Add the new ChainResolver which allows multiple resolvers to be chained.

    import { builtinResolvers } from "react-docgen";
    const { ChainResolver } = builtinResolvers;
    const resolver = new ChainResolver([resolver1, resolver2], {
      chainingLogic: ChainResolver.Logic.ALL, // or ChainResolver.Logic.FIRST_FOUND,
  • 80e4c74: Allow resolvers to be classes in addition to functions.

    import type { ResolverClass, ResolverFunction } from "react-docgen";
    // This was the only option until now
    const functionResolver: ResolverFunction = (file: FileState) => {
      //needs to return array of found components
    // This is the new class resolver
    class MyResolver implements ResolverClass {
      resolve(file: FileState) {
        //needs to return array of found components
    const classResolver = new MyResolver();
  • 5215bab: Added a new resolver that finds annotated components. This resolver is also enabled by default.

    To use this feature simply annotated a component with @component.

    // @component
    class MyComponent {}

Patch Changes

  • 8fe3dbf: Fix crash when using TypeScript mapped types
  • ea25b16: Handle cyclic references in PropTypes shape() and exact() methods.
  • 1aa0249: Handle typeof import('...') and typeof correctly in TypeScript
  • 050313d: Correctly add LICENSE file to published packages
  • f6e4fe7: Update dependency strip-indent to v4


Major Changes

  • 96d6e9e: Rename flowTypeHandler to codeTypeHandler because it handles Flow and TypeScript

  • 96d6e9e: Simplify resolveObjectValuesToArray and remove type handling. None of the code that was handling types was actually used.

  • caae6bf: The return values of resolveObjectValuesToArray are now in the order they are defined in the source code.

  • 96d6e9e: Migrate react-docgen to ES modules. Please read this (opens in a new tab)

  • 3b28f6e: The CLI was removed from react-docgen into its own package @react-docgen/cli.

    Check out (opens in a new tab) for the documentation.

  • 96d6e9e: Main parse API was changed

    The main API changed and now includes only 2 arguments.

    -parse(src, resolver, handlers, importer, options)
    +parse(src, { resolver, handlers, importer, ... })
  • 96d6e9e: Renamed some of the main exports for clarity.

    Renamed handlers to builtinHandlers Renamed resolver to builtinResolvers Renamed importers to builtinImporters

  • 96d6e9e: Migrated to babel toolchain

    This is one of the big changes in this new version of react-docgen. It made the code a lot more robust because there are now finally working TypeScript types for the ASTs.

    Another benefit from this change that react-docgen is now a lot faster. 🚀 In some tests an improvement of nearly 50% was seen in comparison to version 5.

  • d4c27d4: Improve performance of file system importer.

    The file system importer now also caches resolving of files in addition to parsing files. If the importer is used in an environment where files do change at runtime (like a watch command) then the caches will need to be cleared on every file change.

  • 96d6e9e: Changed the minimum Node.js version to 14.18.0

Minor Changes

  • 96d6e9e: Add support for .cts and .mts extension when using typescript

  • 96d6e9e: Treat functions returning as components

  • 96d6e9e: Improve performance by creating all visitors only once

  • 96d6e9e: Support all possible kinds of functions in the displayNameHandler

  • 96d6e9e: Support all literal types in typescript

  • 96d6e9e: Support flow qualified type names

  • 96d6e9e: Support class and function declarations without identifier

  • 96d6e9e: Support resolving of destructurings in resolveToValue

  • 96d6e9e: Improve performance drastically by making changes to AST traversal

    Visitors are now pre-exploded and are cached in the module scope instead of creating them on every call. This change brought the benchmark from 170ops/s to 225ops/sec

  • 96d6e9e: Add codes to errors to be able to easily detect them

    There is a new export ERROR_CODES that contains all possible error codes. The two errors that have codes right now are:

    • MISSING_DEFINITION: No component found in file
    • MULTIPLE_DEFINITIONS: Multiple components found in one files
  • 96d6e9e: Support handling useImperativeHandle correctly

Patch Changes

  • 96d6e9e: Handle React.forwardRef calls without a function
  • 96d6e9e: Handle some edge cases in resolveToValue
  • 96d6e9e: Remove trailing commas and semicolons from raw values in the documentation
  • 96d6e9e: Parse jsdoc comments for TypeScript structs
  • 96d6e9e: Correctly handle ObjectProperties in isReactComponentMethod
  • 96d6e9e: Add support for TSAsExpressions when trying to stringify expressions

6.0.0-alpha.3 (opens in a new tab) (2022-06-13)

Bug Fixes

6.0.0-alpha.2 (opens in a new tab) (2022-04-04)

Bug Fixes

  • Change folder name inside the npm package back to dist. (5f3da8c (opens in a new tab)) There was no real reason to change this and happened during the TypeScript migration.

6.0.0-alpha.1 (2022-04-04)

Bug Fixes



  • resolveToValue will not create a MemberExpression for targets ending in destructuring. It will now simply resolve to the Identifier inside the destructuring. Use new helper isDestructuringAssignment to further check this identifier.
  • The helpers resolveObjectValuesToArray and resolveObjectKeysToArray return now string[] instead of a NodePath